Please type your finger size in the product description.

Our ring model is the handmade of our ring masters. The sparkling patterns of enchanting patterns will complement the elegance of you or your loved ones.

Your order will be tailored to your finger size with 50 years of experience.

  • 925-setting silver – 22-setting Gold Plated
  • Shipping: 7 days
  • Average Weight: 11.00 gr. (±gr.) depending on size.

How do I learn ring Measurement?

We manufacture and ship our products to your address based on the size of the finger you provided. The healthiest way to learn finger size is to learn for free at a jewelry store or silver store. You can also learn your finger size by sending a ring that you use to a jeweler or a silver man. Other rings, except for the wedding ring, can be enlarged or shrunk to your finger at the jewelry store in your area. Each silver ring can grow up to number 4-5 and shrink.


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